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Backyard Animal Life     $24.95 each CD    Catalog # BDB-3160

Backyard Animal Life eBook shows the readers the interesting creatures that are found around and in their own backyards. 42 drawings of insects, spiders, birds, amphibians, and mammals are presented, along with an informative text. The reader can color the full-page illustrations to display each creature's actual color. Questions reinforce the facts learned on every text page. Along with fun activity pages, there are also Animal Life Cycles, Classification of Animals, and a Field Observation Sheet. This eBook gives great information of creatures that are found very close to home! For grades 4 through 8.

Click on the image below to see the pages of the book. You will get a new page with 25 or more thumbnails. There are several pages of thumbnails. By clicking on the thumbnails you will be able to peruse all the pages in the book at about 50% size. We hope you will be able to determine if this book will meet your classroom needs for your students. Purchasing the book will allow you to print full size pages in order to make copies of them using a Xerox for your students.

See the pages in Backyard Animal Life

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