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Book Report Activities: Set 2     $24.95 each CD    Catalog # BDB-2130

Book Report Activities: Set 2 Intermediate level. Individualized book report activities for the grades 4 through 8. Good for upper grade remedial and bilingual students. A set of 60 activities that provide exciting, self-directed tasks as follow-up to reading library books or texts. Students have four methods of book reporting: oral, written, art activities, and computer/technology, or combinations of these four. Makes book reporting and reading fun and exciting. These activities are good for whole class response to stories and books read.

Click on the image below to see the pages of the book. You will get a new page with 25 or more thumbnails. There are several pages of thumbnails. By clicking on the thumbnails you will be able to peruse all the pages in the book at about 50% size. We hope you will be able to determine if this book will meet your classroom needs for your students. Purchasing the book will allow you to print full size pages in order to make copies of them using a Xerox for your students.

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